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An account of the Montreal anti-capitalist May Day


http://www.sabotagemedia.anarkhia.org, May 3, 2012

from the street:

Another day of clashes with the cops and attacks on the State and Capital (TD and BMO banks, some stores, Loto-Québec and cop cars) in the ongoing uprising in Montreal.

Thousands of anti-capitalists, many anarchists, but also feminists, communists, striking students and various groups for social justice joined in the street in Montreal. A considerable part of the crowd was masked and dressed in black.

Montreal riot cops, one ready to fire an Arwen (anti-riot weapon), May 1, 2012.

Even before the demonstration began a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party was arrested. The demo left Champ-de-Mars around 5:15 pm, recalling the starting point of the first MayDay demonstration in the history of Montreal. The crowd applauded each time fireworks were shot, but overall remained relatively silent during the first 45 min. Apart from the SQ helicopter [Québec provincial police] which is now part of the landscape, a riot squad followed on the sidewalk to the right of the crowd as to provoke protesters. Tension was so palpable we could have cut it with a knife. At one point what seemed to be a flare was fired in their direction and earlier a group of people started nagging them with donuts hanging from makeshift fishing rods.

Militants taunt riot cops with donuts dangling from sticks, Montreal May 1, 2012.

After about 45 min after the march turned north and headed for St. Catherine Street, the cops declared it illegal on a loudspeaker with people yelling back “we dont give a fuck”. A few moments later at the crossing of St. Catherine Street a line of riotpigs charged on the crowd, grabbing someone, but even while shooting rubber bullets and teargas they soon retreated before volleys of projectiles; stones bottles, fireworks, etc. It is clear that what Capitals’ militia wanted was to prevent at any cost the wave of black-clad to spill more deeply into downtown Montreal, specifically the part where corporate shops and banks are stacked in a big luminous display of the capitalist spectacle. In front of retreating cops the crowd still decided to continue north while another line of cops was coming from south. The protest turned eastward and the cops grasped the opportunity to run behind firing rubber bullets, tear gas and throwing stun grenades into the crowd which responded by throwing stones and smashing a few windows, like one of Loto-Quebec. After several minutes being chased, the crowd began to disperse and reformed shortly after in St. Louis Square to march towards the Émilie-Gamelin park where a student demonstration was called for the evening.

Black Bloc militant shoots flare or fireworks at riot cops, Montreal May 1, 2012.

The cops deployed everywhere and began jumping on anyone. One hundred arrests took place including a mass arrest of 70 people just before 19h. Many people were able to converge at Émilie-Gamelin Park. Cops cars were splashed with red and pink paint and a clash with riotpigs arresting people took place before they dispersed and distanced themselves while the more pacified student crowd gathered for their 8th nightly demo.

Militant with drain hole cover, Montreal May 1, 2012.

Each day is a struggle and everwhere revolt is possible!
Solidarity with the insurgents of Oakland, Seattle, Greece, Chile, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia,
and with all groups and individuals in confrontation with power and domination.
The battle continues on all fronts!
Total liberation for all inside and outside the walls!
Note: We’ve received information that amongst several people injured a young man is in the hospital with multiple skull fractures after being brutally assaulted by police during the demonstrations



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