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PDF Leaflet: Why Wear Masks at Protests?

The front of the leaflet.

The front of the leaflet.

This is an updated and improved version of the “Why wear masks at protest?” flyer.  This new version has four 5.5″ X 4.25″ double-sided leaflets on one 8X11 Letter size page.  Print out the PDF and make double-sided copies, then cut them out to distribute at protests, actions, etc.   The text of the leaflet is printed below.

To download the PDF leaflet: Why Wear Masks Leaflet.

Leaflet Text:

Those in authority fear the mask for their power partly resides in identifying and knowing who you are… Our masks are not to conceal our identity but to reveal it… Today we shall give this resistance a face; for by putting on our masks we reveal our unity; and by raising our voices in the street together, we speak our anger at the facelessness of power…”

Carnival Against Capitalism, London 1999

1. To counter surveillance: Police and intelligence agencies routinely film and photograph people at political actions. Activists have lost their jobs and housing due to harassment visits by police.

2. To avoid media exposure: Activists have lost jobs because of media footage that showed them at protests.

3. To show our resistance: wearing a mask is a manifestation of our resistance.

4. Masks are not “illegal”: despite recent anti-masking laws in Canada, which criminalize wearing masks during “unlawful assemblies” and riots, it is NOT illegal to wear a mask at a protest.

The back of the leaflet.

The back of the leaflet.

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