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Militantz exists to document resistance and social rebellion, focusing on tactics and techniques used by both police and rebellious social forces.   Although global in scope, this blog is focused on struggles occurring in North America.  Our goal is to help build a culture of anti-colonial and anti-capitalist resistance, based on autonomous self-organization.

Despite the stated goal, there are articles about social movements that may not be anti-colonial or anti-capitalist, in order to learn from diverse social conflicts.

Militantz was set up following the May Day mobilizations of 2012, which saw a renewed wave of militant anti-capitalist actions in many cities and countries.  Although recently established, we are working to build an archive of historical material, so keep checking back to the various categories on the sidebar.


* Note that some posts are in multiple categories.

Black Bloc

The infamous black bloc is a tactic used during militant actions.  This category has articles and videos that focus on black bloc actions.

Direct Action

direct action. n. The strategic use of immediately effective acts, such as strikes, demonstrations, or sabotage, to achieve a political or social end (Free Dictionary).

This category includes some black bloc activities but is mostly for other types of direct action, such as disruption of events, etc.


ACAB means “All Cops are Bastards.”  This category includes police tactics and techniques, acts of state repression (such as raids and arrests), surveillance, etc.


PDFs and articles that can be downloaded and distributed.


The province of Quebec has always had a higher level of social conflict than most of North America, due to its unique history and socio-economic conditions as a defeated French colony.  The Quebecois are sometimes referred to as the Greeks of North America.  This category includes posts on the Quebec student revolt and militant protests.


Militants need to know basic security for engaging in radical resistance.  This category covers surveillance, counter-surveillance, infiltrators, and common sense against the modern police state.

Tactics and Techniques

This category includes articles and videos that highlight specific tactics or techniques used by militants and protesters.  It may be about certain protective gear or organizing efforts to overcome bans on masks and protests (as in Montreal and Quebec).

Theory and Debate

Articles about militant theory and practise, radicals, reformism, social rebellion, pacifism, capitalism, etc.


Videos of various black blocs, direct actions and compilations of riots and rebellions from around the world.

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