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PDF Leaflet: Why Wear Masks at Protests?

This is an updated and improved version of the “Why wear masks at protest?” flyer.  This new version has four 5.5″ X 4.25″ double-sided leaflets on one 8X11 Letter size page.  Print out the PDF and make double-sided copies, then cut them out to distribute at protests, actions, etc.   The text of the leaflet is […]

The story of the unsung heroes: Black Bloc Brazil

By Esther Solano Gallego,ROAR magazine, June 23, 2014 Despised by many, hailed by some: the Black Bloc in Brazil uses its “performative violence” to draw attention to the everyday struggles of millions. It was in the first weeks of the massive anti-government protests that started in June 2013 and shook Brazilian society to its very […]

Video: Resistance to eviction of Rote Flora, Hamburg Dec 21, 2013

Hamburg, Germany: Resistance to eviction of Rote Flora

Hamburg, Dec 21, 2013–Over 8,000 protesters have clashed with riot police as they protested against the planned eviction of squatters from a popular social centre, and against the eviction of hundreds of Syrian refugees from their homes. The largely peaceful protest erupted following a baton charge, and use of teargas, and water cannons by the […]

Support for anarchists rising

Social unrest over police actions, poverty and corruption have grown Black Bloc ranks By Bradley Brooks, The Associated Press, October 23, 2013 When a tear-gas canister rattled around at Andrea Coelho’s feet, a masked young man picked it up and tossed it back at police. Right there, the kindergarten teacher decided she backed him and […]

Egypt, Brazil, Turkey: without politics, protest is at the mercy of the elites

From Egypt to Brazil, street action is driving change, but organisation is essential if it’s not to be hijacked or disarmed Seumas Milne, The Guardian, Tuesday, 2 July 2013 Two years after the Arab uprisings fuelled a wave of protests and occupations across the world, mass demonstrations have returned to their crucible in Egypt. Just as […]

Chilean protesters in street battles with police

More than 100,000 join demonstrations as students seize 30 polling stations to be used for presidential vote on Sunday Jonathan Franklin, The Guardian, Thursday 27 June 2013 Hooded protesters have vandalised shops and fought running street battles with riot police in Chile’s capital after more than 100,000 joined mostly peaceful demonstrations across the country to […]