Montreal police teargas protesters, arrest 69

CBC News, May 20, 2012 Thousands of protesters outraged by two laws passed Friday to tamp down civil unrest marched through downtown Montreal on Saturday night, many of them wearing now-illegal masks or hoods.

Quebec student protesters find creative ways around controversial new law

Benjamin Shingler, The Canadian Press/Toronto Star, Sat May 19 2012 MONTREAL — Only a day after becoming law, protesters were finding creative ways around Quebec’s controversial legislation aimed at restoring order in the province.

Quebec: new law targets student strike & protests

The Quebec government has passed new legislation aimed at clamping down on militant protests and the ongoing student strike in that province.  Bill 78 sets out strict rules for protest organizers, bans protests near schools & universities, and imposes heavy fines on those who violate the law.

Montreal Bylaw Bans Wearing of Masks

A series of corporate news articles on the new Montreal bylaw banning the wearing of masks at protests, passed on May 18, 2012.  The ban comes as the federal government prepares to amend the Criminal Code to make it an offense to wear masks during unlawful assemblies and riots.

Montreal subway sabotage accused face terror-hoax related charges

Andrew Chung, Toronto Star, Sat May 12 2012 MONTREAL—The gravity of the actions alleged against four young people accused in connection with Thursday’s subway smoke bombings became much more apparent Saturday with the addition of an anti-terror related charge.

Quebec: Conflict in Victoriaville, May 4, 2012

Protest at Quebec Liberal party convention turns violent Monique Muise & Christopher Curtis, National Post,  May 4, 2012 VICTORIAVILLE, Que. — What began as a peaceful and well-organized demonstration in Victoriaville, Que., on Friday evening quickly degenerated into a chaotic scene as hundreds of protesters clashed with police for more than two hours in the small […]

An account of the Montreal anti-capitalist May Day, May 3, 2012 from the street: Another day of clashes with the cops and attacks on the State and Capital (TD and BMO banks, some stores, Loto-Québec and cop cars) in the ongoing uprising in Montreal. Thousands of anti-capitalists, many anarchists, but also feminists, communists, striking students and various groups for social justice […]