Tactics & Techniques

Why Wear Masks? PDF Cards

    A PDF of cards intended to be handed out at public actions to explain why militants might wear masks.  Why Wear Masks

Mining Event Disrupted by Militants Throwing “Smelly Substance,” Hotel Evacuated

A series of short corporate news articles (update: now with a statement on the action, below) concerning a direct action against a mining conference in Vancouver, Canada, apparently with a “smelly substance” that forced the evacuation of the Four Seasons hotel and the deployment of the fire department’s HAZMAT (hazardous materials) team.  The target of […]

The Bad Bandana: Militant Disguise at Chicago’s Anti-Nato Protests

From May 19-21, 2012, Chicago hosted the NATO summit.  Thousands of people participated in protests against NATO and the war in Afghanistan.  At numerous times, riot police attacked protesters, primarily with batons.  Many people suffered head injuries and required medical treatment.

Tens of thousands turn out in Montreal to mark 100th day of Quebec student strikes

Myles Dolphin, The Canadian Press/National Post,  May 22, 2012 MONTREAL — A river of red-clad protesters rippled through downtown Montreal to mark the 100th day of Quebec’s student strikes, while smaller events were held in other cities Tuesday. Tens of thousands of people clogged Montreal’s city core in a festive, multi-headed march designed to make […]

Quebec student protesters find creative ways around controversial new law

Benjamin Shingler, The Canadian Press/Toronto Star, Sat May 19 2012 MONTREAL — Only a day after becoming law, protesters were finding creative ways around Quebec’s controversial legislation aimed at restoring order in the province.

UK Guide to Public Order Situations

From the UK, a 2011 edition of the “Guide to Public Order Situations,” a brief guide to police tactics to control crowds and methods used by protesters to counter these.  Not intended as a “how-to-riot” manual.

Montreal subway sabotage accused face terror-hoax related charges

Andrew Chung, Toronto Star, Sat May 12 2012 MONTREAL—The gravity of the actions alleged against four young people accused in connection with Thursday’s subway smoke bombings became much more apparent Saturday with the addition of an anti-terror related charge.