PDF Leaflet: Why Wear Masks at Protests?

This is an updated and improved version of the “Why wear masks at protest?” flyer.  This new version has four 5.5″ X 4.25″ double-sided leaflets on one 8X11 Letter size page.  Print out the PDF and make double-sided copies, then cut them out to distribute at protests, actions, etc.   The text of the leaflet is […]

UK Guide to Public Order Situations

From the UK, a 2011 edition of the “Guide to Public Order Situations,” a brief guide to police tactics to control crowds and methods used by protesters to counter these.  Not intended as a “how-to-riot” manual.

Zine: Can’t Stop Kaos

A brief intro to the history and practise of the infamous Black Bloc, from its origins among the German autonomists to its development in N. America. PDF: Can’t Stop Kaos Zine

Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protester

Version 1.1, by Saran A manual mostly focused on improvised shields for use by militants at protest actions, lots of illustrations and common sense tips. PDF: shieldbook

Black Bloc Papers

The Black Bloc Papers: An Anthology of Primary Texts From The North American Anarchist Black Bloc 1999-2001 The Battle of Seattle (N30) Through Quebec City (A20) A large collection of Black Bloc communiques, reports, and analysis.  Published by the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective. PDF: BlackBlockPapers2

Zine: Fire and Flames

A report on the militant resistance during the Toronto G20 in June, 2010. PDF: Fire and Flames

Zine: 10 Points on the Black Bloc

A pamphlet version of the text that can be downloaded for distribution. PDF: Black Bloc 10 Points