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Egypt, Brazil, Turkey: without politics, protest is at the mercy of the elites

From Egypt to Brazil, street action is driving change, but organisation is essential if it’s not to be hijacked or disarmed Seumas Milne, The Guardian, Tuesday, 2 July 2013 Two years after the Arab uprisings fuelled a wave of protests and occupations across the world, mass demonstrations have returned to their crucible in Egypt. Just as […]

Resistance can be violent

Re: Resistance is not violence Davide Mastracci, The McGill Daily, Published on May 24, 2012 In Resistance is not violence (Commentary, April 28, Online), Mona Luxion describes why it is important for protesters to disregard the limits set by those who “profit from the status quo.” The timeline of the Quebec student movement has indicated […]

Black Bloc Anarchists and State Terrorism

Of Property and Propaganda by ROB URIE, Counter Punch, Weekend Edition May 25-27, 2012 Renewed criticism of Black Bloc anarchists ties in a tangential way to the arrest on terrorism charges of three youths in Chicago prior to recent anti-NATO protests. The anarchists raise the question of the legitimate use of violence to achieve political […]

Behind the Black Mask and Shattered Glass: Pre-sentencing interview with G20 arrestee Kelly Pflug-Back

  by Comrade Black,Vancouver Media Coop, May 21, 2012 On May 28, Kelly Pflug-Back will stand in front of a Toronto courtroom to be sentenced. I first met Kelly when she was a 16 yr old traveler kid who had just arrived in Victoria. We hung out on the streets, at drop in centers, and […]

SF and Oakland: Occupy’s anarchists seen as both divisive, crucial

Kevin Fagan, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, May 6, 2012 Every time windows are smashed and clashes erupt with police at Occupy protests in Oakland and San Francisco, one group is in the thick of it: masked, black-clad anarchists known as the Black Bloc.

The U.K. Riots And The Coming Global Class War

Joel Kotkin, Contributor, Forbes, August 15, 2011 The riots that hit London and other English cities last week have the potential to spread beyond the British Isles. Class rage isn’t unique to England; in fact, it represents part of a growing global class chasm that threatens to undermine capitalism itself.

Black bloc protesters have complicated motives

By Carlito Pablo, The Georgia Straight, June 29, 2010 Neither thugs nor criminals lurk behind the masks of black bloc protesters, a renowned police psychologist suggests. Rather, what Mike Webster sees are “very thoughtful people”, an assessment that former Vancouver police inspector Dave Jones strongly disagrees with, likening them instead to thrill seekers.